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Full / Part time Business / Job.
No manual work involved for franchisee.
The franchisee decides a fair and reasonable rate to
charge the customer based on geographical location.
Low set up costs.
A one off chance to buy into a national group at this start up level,  lowest ever cost.
Only you have the operating rights within a 15 mile radius of your home base.
Additional operating areas available on request.
Branded discounted packing boxes in white, small, medium & large.
Client base includes anyone who has something to move.
A trusted and tried target market.
Suitable for anyone who can drive or has a driver.

Please click HERE to see our terms and conditions which you must read and agree to before applying for a franchise.

All Franchisees will need to own / operate their own van in U-MOVE Group livery blue & white and follow & abide to U-MOVE Terms & Conditions as laid out below:

  1. Membership of U - MOVE is on an annual basis and any member can decline renewal at renewal date.
  2. Once a member has paid our reasonable charges below that member has a monopoly on their chosen area and within a 15 mile radius of their operating centre or home base. NO other operator can operate, advertise, promote any services relating to The U - MOVE Group within the radius of the Prime Member should The Prime Member object.
  3. All members must provide at least one commercial vehicle in white displaying the U - MOVE livery to service their local area.
  4. U - MOVE HQ can arrange spraying of vehicles, production supply & fit or supply only of the U - MOVE brand / livery. Any member who uses their preferred body shop / graphics company to produce the U - MOVE brand / livery will be supplied with all the relevant brand details.
  5. U - MOVE is based on a Taxi Van Service where the Franchisee supplies A Van & Driver only and the client does all the manual work.
  6. The rates charged by the Franchisee are set by each individual member and are not governed by HQ. A guideline can be supplied by HQ if required although we feel rates may vary depending on members postcodes.
  7. U - MOVE Members will have access to discounted packing boxes delivered to them direct  from manufacturer in white displaying the U - Move brand logo in 3 sizes. Small, medium & large.
  8. U - MOVE Members will have access to discounted fuel charges through a member fuel card system along with other goods & services they may wish to supply.
  9. U - MOVE Group encourage all members to promote and advertise OUR brand to create public awareness and build OUR Brand.
  10. Membership of U - MOVE is not restricted. A member could operate in several areas.
  11. Members Cannot provide GIT insurance cover under The U - MOVE Brand.
  12. U - MOVE Uniforms can be supplied by HQ if required.
  13. All Member details will be on The U - MOVE Website which can be updated within 24 hours.
  14. U - MOVE annual conference will take place in a central location which all members are invited and encouraged to attend. Great for networking & new ideas.
  15. All U - MOVE members are to operate tail lifts and any other machinery.
  16. No U - MOVE members are to subcontract work to a third party under the U - MOVE brand.
  17. U - MOVE branded products such as packing materials etc may be used under the brand of other companies names, sold to DIY Movers, general public, third parties etc..
  18. Any Member may collect & deliver goods in any other Members area on behalf of their client.
  19. The annual subscription paid when buying a Franchise is fixed for a term of 5 years. Any increase after the fixed 5 year term will not exceed 10%. U - MOVE reserve the right to increase the Franchise cost at any time to new Franchisees.
  20. Opportunity available to anyone over the age of 17 years.
  21. All Members Vans are to be equipped with at least :

    Panel Van : 20 blankets / covers, tool box, sack trolley, first aid kit

    Box Van   : 40 blankets / covers, tool box, sack trolley, first aid kit
  22. No Franchisee is to sell on or give away to a third party their Franchise or part of  it.
  23. The Franchisee is entitled to surrender their Franchise in any year at renewal  date.
  24. No Member is to advertise for any U - MOVE business in another Member's area.
  25. Cost of U - MOVE Membership at 01/02/2016 ( Limited period Only )

    Any one location, 15 mile radius:                                                             £ 250.00 + vat
    Annual subscription payable one year in advance:                       £ 250.00 + vat
    U - MOVE ' WE STORE ' ( optional )                                                       £ 150.00 + vat

    Payment may be made in full in advance by cheque, credit / debit card or bank transfer. Flexible payment options available.

If you are interested in becoming a U -Move franchisee please fill out this enquiry form below...